Pilates and Core Activation

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Serving Sedro Woolley,Concrete, and the Skagit Valley in Washington

One of my favorite things to do in my line of work is to help people learn how to truly engage and strengthen the core.  Core is a word often used today in physical fitness and rehab settings, and yet many individuals, though they are doing ‘core’ exercises, have never actually learned how to effectively engage the core musculature.  The word core refers to the deep muscles of the trunk, including the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and back muscles closest to the spine.  Beyond this definition, the core is the stabilizing musculature of your entire trunk, front, back and side, separate from the extremities (arms and legs).

Pilates works by developing your core strength, which allows for functional movement from a stable center.  This deep core strength can help alleviate pain and improve posture in addition to enhancing and improving performance of sports and daily activities.  Exercises range from basic to advanced and can be modified to fit your individual needs.

Pilates is available to you whether you are a Stuctural Medicine client, an athlete, weekend recreator, or anywhere in between.

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