What others are saying about Suzy Cornell and Structural Medicine

I am a yoga instructor and I have worked in a physical therapy clinic for over two years with a passion for the body and healing.  Nothing I have encountered so far has been as profoundly impactful as Structural Medicine with Suzy!  My own chronic hip and low back pain I have treated with Reiki, massage, yoga and physical therapy disappeared after my second Structural Medicine treatment–and now, four months later, it is still gone.  My range of motion in yoga poses has increased and my relationship with my body is awakened, enriched.  I feel so alive and vibrant in this new body.   I am so grateful to have found Suzy and Structural Medicine.”
~Jessie Tierney

“Suzy helped me turn my life around.  She helped me to achieve a level of fitness that I never knew was possible.” ~Camille English, Remax Real Estate

“I’ve wasted a lot of money on gym memberships that I never used.  Suzy has helped me to stay focused, motivated and determined.”
~Heidi Hah, Computer Programmer

“Suzy is an outstanding personal trainer and has been very helpful in rehabbing my patients.”
~Gary Schuster, MD Sports Medicine

“I have been completely rehabilitated form a serious illness during my six years under Suzy’s tutelage.  I have noticed significant improvements in arm and leg strength and general motility.  Suzy is a real pro!”
~Bill Vance, Owner, William A. Vance Co.


The Bungalo

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